The Bizarre Scenario that Started this

So I work in Tech in the Bay Area. I started in Sales (SDR), but in about a week, I'll be moving to Enablement (training) at a new

company, which I could not be more thrilled about.

Anyways, a few days ago we had to do a Buyer/Seller role play, with me being the buyer. I had to come up with a Company and a Persona. So I came up with an idea to be the CEO of an e-commerce site who sold surf wear and gear exclusively for women, with the hopes of empowering more women to "paddle out" (the name of my amazing, but fake company). The idea was to promote femininity and female inclusion on the water.

Ya'll... I thought all of this up in about 3 minutes, but I felt like I really had something going here. It made the role play more fun, but it also got me interested. There are so many times when I'm searching the internet for questions like "how to not make hair dry when surfing" or "nipples cold when taking off wetsuit." Theres just no centralized place!

So I'm hoping to make this just that: A central place for me to share my experiences as not only a surfer, but a female surfer, and hopefully help some ladies out along the way.

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