My OWN Board!

I am very excited to announce to the internet that I have my very own Surfboard! This might come as a shock to you but I've been renting my boards everyday (almost) and let me tell you something - IT IS NOT CHEAP. But fiscally speaking, it's easier to spend 20$ a day instead of dropping 800$ down at one time.

My surf shop had some broken boards for sale outside, and a paddle buddy called me to let me know. So I drove back over and we were talking over the different boards and the various "injuries." Our mutual friend has recently begun fixing boards, so when she looked the 8' board over and said she could repair it, I snagged the board up for an easy 30$.

For the past two/three weeks she's been fixing it up for me. I got it from her today! I went to put on the new fins I bought, and realized I needed to go buy a fin key so that I could tighten my fins into place. So I found the nearest - and open - surf shop by me. Traffic was a bitch, but I finally got there, and it was more of an apparel store instead of a 'normal' surf shop. But after they dug around for about 5 minutes they found the fin key!

AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME FOR FREE. Granted, a fin key usually only costs a few dollars, but honestly, so nice! I got home, tightened my fins into place, attached my leash and BAM! The board is done, it's mine, and I can fo wherever the fuck I want with it - granted it's a wide 8' so hollow barreling waves are not gunna be my move cause then I'll just snap the board in half.

30$. Thats how much the board costs. The fins cost about 35$. So 65$ total! My friend said I could just buy her some drinks and we'll be even. Loving it!

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