Movin on Up - Well... Down

Very pleased to announce I bought a brand new board. Never been used before, which is not something I can say about my previous boards. Aint she a Beaut!? I call her Little Lady Blue - LLB for short. And short she is. For me at least.

It's a 12" drop from the last board I was riding, but I'm just excited to see what I can do with her. But short-boarding is basically like learning a whole new sport.

The way I read a wave, approach a wave, launch from the wave, pop up for the wave, it's all a little different now.

Right now my goal is to get up and on the board quick enough to be able to start maneuvering into tricks down the road.

It's weird going from trying to catch the biggest waves I can find at the breaks around me, to now trying to find smaller ones to go fast on. But I'm excited! Winter, I miss you, and I'm 10000% positive I'll go to NorCal this winter for some sessions because my heart misses the fear and excitement of catching something twice my height. But right now, I have given myself a new challenge of basically relearning how to surf. So leyy goooo.

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