I am so excited to announce to the internet that ya gurl has moved! Several things factored into my super rad decision to move away from San Francisco.

  1. My best friend and his boyfriend were moving and I didn't feel like losing my favorite person

  2. I was getting really fucking annoyed with how cold SF is

  3. The dating scene in The Bay is trash and I'm over it

So where am I?!?!


I live a 3 minute drive from the beach in a gorgeous apartment with two (TWO) closets, and one is a giant walk in closet.

So now I will get to experience the waves in Malibu, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa.. AHHH I cant wait!

It's been a hectic few weeks getting everything planned and worked out, but I'm here, I'm excited, and I can't wait for not going numb after an hour of surfing.

ALSO - after I had already decided to move, there was a shooting in front of my house in Oakland. Some person stood next to my car and fired off 30 bullets which hit almost every car on the block. My friend (who is moving) was over and we had to duck and cover behind my furniture - which was scary as fuck. That happening really solidified my decision and I'm feeling a lot safer where I am now.

Please stay tuned with updates on the beaches here, because I have some exploring coming up.

Also send me any recommendations of breaks you like!

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